Quick Lamp Makeover

I don't know about y'all, but if you have a little skinny lamp, it's hard to find little lampshade that aren't silky and shiny (like the previous one shown here). When we first moved here, I did a quick fix...spray painted the base, cut off the beading, and painted polka dots on the shade, to kind of fun it up a bit. It fit my decor better, but I didn't love it because shiny and polka dots just didn't look right together...at least to me.
 A glimpse of the beautiful tile counter top that was in my kitchen. ha!

So.....it was on to another attempt using jute string that I already had and some hot glue.
I started with the string laying slightly inside the rim of the lampshade and just slowly went around....tedious, yes, but when you have a movie on, you don't even notice (well...until you burn yourself with the hot glue. ha!). I also made sure to only use a teeny bit of the glue at a time, because I didn't want globs squishing out.
I continue all the way down and then wrapped under the bottom rim as well, so that it would look finished off.
I think I like it!
and hey...if I change my mind later, no money was even wasted. : )
Gotta love free projects.