Rent House - Before & Afters

Well, I feel like I can finally post a before and after
for each room in the house.
I would still like to redo the kitchen floors,
but we've made a lot of progress!
You may be asking why we would want to fix up a rent house.
Well, let me back up and explain.
When we were in between homes, I was stressing about what to do.
We didn't want to get into a rental contract, because we didn't want to be there long term, we also didn't want to overstay our welcome at my dad's house, or buy a house just because.
In a sense, we felt stuck...and stressed out.
One of my student's parents sent me an e-mail after overhearing me talk about it and told me that they currently had a rent house that they would be glad to rent to us month to month until we figured everything out. It was a HUGE blessing.
She asked me what we wanted to pay in rent, and when I told her, she said that would be fine.
Houses rent for quite a lot in Fayetteville since it's a college town, so that was a huge blessing as well.
Not only that, but they are one of the sweetest families I have ever known!
I love doing things to help them out and bless them back. : )
...of course I always ask before doing anything.

After we finished our coffee table, I was already itching to start another project I have been wanting to do...Redo the hall bathroom.

You can't really see, but the wood has had it and some of it is wood veneer.
The fixtures are cream and brass.


I wish I could do something about the lights, but it's all attached and the wiring runs through the medicine cabinet.

ahhh...so much better : )




This is just a sheet from Big Lots that I cut in two and
used iron on hemming tape to finish the edges...easy peasy!



It's yellowish in this picture, but you can see the actual color in the next photo.

Nothing spectacular, but much better than the orange bathroom with the off center mirror.


 I painted the counter tops with tile epoxy paint and changed out the light fixture.

 pink and brass chandelier (I spray painted it with hammered metal spray paint)

The woman that originally picked this counter top loved quilting.


 no more blue/ gray/ cream quilt patterned counter tops!

 Here's a closer shot of the chevron curtain I painted and the light fixture I spray painted.

(This was in fall...now it's a bit less "pumpkiny")