4th of July 2013

We started off our 4th with some eggs and star pancakes!
  I wanted to make a special dessert because we were also going to have a little celebration for my sister's birthday as well. They are moving back from China and flew in here to stay for a week before they went to their new home in Baton Rouge. We packed in as much fun during that week as we could. 
My dessert could have looked better, but it sure tasted good!

For the trifle cake, I layered:
vanilla frozen yogurt
sliced strawberries (I put a little sugar on them and let them sit for a while)
pound cake
blueberries from our blueberry picking
more vanilla frozen yogurt
and topped with a few blueberries

  • With the pound cake I divided the batter into 2- 8 inch pans. I only ended up needing 1 of the cakes.
  • When using my knife to cut off the top and make it nice and even, I used the extra piece of cake to create the pound cake star.
  • After adding the ice cream, let it freeze for a while before adding the next layer.
The girls had fun wrestling with their cousin Caleb. : )

The Fam : )

The nest day we went to Branson to spend the weekend with Dasun's family and had a blast!
On the first night we went to the IMAX and saw a cardboard cut out of Phil from Duck Dynasty.
We're big fans. : )

The next day was spent hanging out & swimming.
Then we went to see Joseph at the Sights & Sounds Theater.
It was FABULOUS!!!...better than I even expected.

Replica of Goliath:

This is a picture of the theater..it was huuuge!

Thank you Nanna and Pop Pop for taking us!

Then we went out to dinner.
These little girls love each other. : )
Afterwards, Dasun, I and the girls tried to find a big fireworks display to go see and we found one!

We had such a blessed time with family on both sides!
Such a fun week!