House Before and Afters

This was our first house, so needless to say, I had a lot to learn about decorating. To make it even more interesting, we had a very tight budget (and very little decorating talent). I did a lot of scouring the internet for ideas, winging it, changing my mind on styles, and just making mistakes. These are some of the changes...hopefully a little better than when I started.

-Reorganized and covered with fun laundry soap jar for easy access
-I still LOVE my new laundry room. It's just as easy to reach through the curtain. I worried about it getting in my way, but it hasn't at all.

Living/ Dining Area BEFORE:
Now this was not taken when we first moved in. This is a few years in. I remember it being pretty bare when we first moved in. You'll notice a ton of burgundy. My parents bought us a beautiful fun rug for our house warming gift and I used that to help me decorate the rest of the house. The only problem was that it was almost all dark colors. That's one of the main reasons I started getting antsy for change...too much dark in a small house. The other reason is that burgundy was no longer popular...pretty sure it died long before I redecorated, but oh well. : )
I was so proud of these curtains though. Each one was made out of one panel (hung backwards, flipped over and cinched with a ribbon and tassel). That genius idea wasn't mine. I think it was my friend Mitzi's. I still think it's a neat idea...just didn't like the burgundy and wanted to go more informal with everything.
I was also super excited about my little picture shelves. I asked for them for my birthday. I couldn't wait to get something on the walls and this was a little abstract for me, so I was even more proud of it. I am very type A, so unless it's symmetrical, it's hard for me to think it up. : )
Living/ Dining Area AFTER:
Desk Area/ Kitchen View BEFORE:
Desk Area/ Kitchen View AFTER:
Another after of the Kitchen:
Amazing what a little paint and some knobs can do! I couldn't stop smiling after this project was finished! It looked like a totally different kitchen! Fun stuff!
I later used the same can of paint to redo the dresser by the window, make the chalkboard frame, and do several other little projects...money well spent.

Dining Before:

Dining After:
Got rid of the lovely plastic blinds that were impossible to clean.
Got rid of the burgundy. Added some fun burlap curtains.
Added a refinished dresser. Made some fun throw pillows.
Redid/simplified the mantle and decor on the tables
It took me a long time b/c I am decorator challenged, but they were easy fixes.

Guest Bathroom BEFORE:
Sorry about my curly hair and Dasun's hand in the pictures
They were the only before pictures I could find. : )

Guest Bathroom AFTER:
(you can read more about that here & here)