Our 13th Anniversary

For our 13th anniversary, we decided to go on a Hot Air Balloon ride.
It's on both of our Bucket lists, so we bought the tickets and went for it!
We scheduled it on our actual anniversary, but the wind didn't cooperate the whole week, so we had to reschedule, which was a bummer.
We tried a few more times and finally, we got a call saying that there was more than a 50% chance that we could do it this past Monday. My dad babysat the girls the night before and our friend Mrs. Amy, we got about 2 hours sleep and headed out in the wee hours of the morning for Branson in hope that it would work out this time.
I started praying the night before, that God would hold back the wind for the morning so that we could go. I kept praying as I'd wake up in the night, and we prayed together before we left that morning. When we got there, not a blade of grass or leaf on a tree was moving. It was perfect and we got to go! Right after our balloon flight, they shut it down because the wind was picking up!
I just wanted to weep. How humbling that the God of all creation cares about the little unimportant details of our lives. Sometimes it feels as though you go through a period of not hearing from the Lord, maybe prayers not being answered in the way you had hoped for,
like your mom dying after millions of prayers have been said on her behalf, like not being able to find a house after 2 years of searching and praying, like not knowing exactly what He wants for your future and just having to wait (which is always so hard, but always has a purpose),
but then, as a loving Father, He gently reminds you that you are cared about, loved, and far from forgotten. As I have been studying scripture the past 2 weeks, I feel like He has been doing just that through scripture, events, etc... Bringing me out of a season of weariness and showing me glimpses of His glory and unchanging love.

These are the burners that he pulls on to release the fire.
They were HOT! I am really cold natured. I wore jeans and even brought a jacket because we went at 7:00am and I figured that I might get chilly up in the air...I was burning up.

 The couple that went before us got a picture of us while we were in the air.

We also went to a murder mystery show
(the cheesiness made us both laugh),
We even went to a flea market (on of my favorite things)
where I got this fun Coca Cola box for our trip keepsake,
  and we also drank a couple of these while we were there,
which is a big splurge for us. : )
I am so thankful for this guy.
His love has shown me more of Christ's love for me.
He continues to love me more each day and I promise you that I don't always deserve it.
We have had ups and downs for sure, but the Lord has been faithful to use those things to grow both of us and change us for the better.
I need him and he needs me...
a hard thing for two ol' stubborn people to admit, 
but it's true and Jesus knew it long before we did.
Dasun- You are so fun, you are a great daddy, you are kind, you truly love Jesus, and the list could go on and on. Love you babe! Happy 13th!


Jenny said...

So sweet, Ashley. I'm so glad you got a little answered prayer. :)