Adelynn's 4th Birthday!

This year we had a Drive-in Movie theme for Adelynn's b-day. I started feeling bad about a month before hand, so I planned everything really quickly. Then, I began steroids so that I could go on the family trip with Dasun and the girls. We got back the day before Adelynn's birthday, so thankfully I could still walk for her party. : )

Here's my precious girl!
 We had a drive in cake, movie candy, popcorn, little movie hamburger, and some veggies (to make ourselves feel better about the other food- ha!).
 Praying with some sweet friends : )
 We had a balloon on Adelynn's chair, but everyone wanted one, so Dasun obliged.
 I love this little nugget. She is such a hoot!
She has enough personality for 10 kiddos.
She's a sweetheart, but she has just the right amount of sass and attitude to crack us up on a daily basis. Her dance moves are HI-LAR-I-OUS and she does them all with such a serious face...priceless!
She's a true blessing from the Lord!
 After eating and presents, I got out some boxes, markers, 
tape, & paper plates, then let them create their "cars" for the drive-in.
 Then it was time to start the movie and eat our treats. : )
 I used black plates for the wheels and plates with just a zebra border for the steering wheel.
 What a fun night!
Happy Birthday Adelynn!
We love you more than you know!!!