School time!

 Adelynn turned 4 right at the cut off, so she got to start Pre-K this year! She was SO EXCITED!!!
She got to have a big girl back pack and lunch box just like KK. : )
 Kennedy got to start 2nd grade this year! I can't believe how big she's getting! Her feet are only a couple inches a way from fitting into my shoes!!! Things like that make her very happy. : ) She's constantly measuring herself up against me. : ) Precious!
She eats like a horse, so I think she's in a big growth spurt. lately she's been eating more than Dasun!
 Adelynn's Pre K teacher
Kennedy's 2nd Grade teacher


john keylor said...

Hello and fond greetings from another Keylor! My name is John Bernard Keylor and there are a lot of ancestors bearing that name!
My people are from Cork...
Take care!