Adelynn- my sweet pea

I just wanted to take a minute to slow down and write about some of the things I love about you.
You have stolen my heart precious girl. Your daddy and I have to be very careful to be consistent with you because you are so cute that we don't want to discipline you sometimes. It's a good thing we love you too much to do that. The crazy part is that you are even cute when you cry. God has given you a vibrant, courageous, sweet heart, that is also very tender and sensitive. You get so heart broken when you get in trouble and it breaks my heart every time. When my mom told me that discipline is harder for the parents, I didn't understand fully until I had kiddos.

I love your sweet little smile.

 I love the way you crawl into bed to cuddle with me in the morning, although I don't get much sleeping done because I just want to stare at your sweet little face.

I love your little ringlets.

I love your sweet sassiness...not too much, just enough.
It shows in your walk, your talk, your singing, and your dancing. You crack us up constantly!

I love watching you sit with your legs crossed like such a big girl as you pretend to read stories out loud.

I love that no matter where we are, you are always on the hunt for more, "really special rocks."

I love your beautiful eyes...
 and sweet little lips.

I love crazy clothes combinations you come up with 
when you dress yourself. : )
Sweater that's too small with no shirt underneath, necklace, 
shorts, sandals...temperature outside 40 degrees.
Kennedy's ballet leotard on backwards with one ballet shoe &ne tap shoe.

I love the way you love to make up songs and sing with such passion.

I love that you are such a cuddle bug and are so protective of your mommy.
I love so many things...everything.
You are so precious little one. You have a strong mind, a hilarious personality, and a sweet spirit. The Lord has big plans for you.
I am so thankful that I get to be your mommy.
I love you so so much!