Off we go....to Mayo

Sorry for the weird picture of me. Can you tell I have never taken a selfie? ha!!

My dad and I left tonight to go to the Mayo clinic. Thank you for all of the sweet messages today letting us know you're praying for us. Hopefully we'll have some answers soon. : )

First day:
Things went well today. We got to our appointment and they were running really far behind, but once we got in, my doctor really took his time with me...getting a good handle on what my symptoms are and what's been done so far, doing an exam, and then making a plan with us. Everything was going well until we got the schedule for our next appointments. One for Monday, one for Thursday, one for November 25th, & one for December 9th. We knew it might take a week or more, but definitely didn't think it would be so spread out leading into December 9th. I got kind of sick to my stomach because I just wasn't expecting that. A lady told us to go to the clinics on Monday and Tuesday and just ask if they can get us in any sooner, so that's what we are going to try. If we can't get in, then we'll just have to try to schedule them all for the December 9th date and I'll have to come back again. So...praises: we made it safe and sound and my doctor seems great. Prayer request: that we would be able to get into these other clinics sometime this week, so I don't have to travel up here again. Thank you for all of the emails and texts letting me know you're praying for me, for the doctors, for Dase & the girls, and for our travels. It means so much to me!
I'll leave you with a beautiful view from the 17th floor of the mayo clinic where we were waiting today. : )

Oh my goodness! I feel like I've been in the Amazing Race. ha!
We got up this morning and got here when they opened at 7:00 and started going from place to place trying to see if they could work us in. The first lady we talked to wasn't very nice or optimistic, which is strange because everyone here has been so sweet and helpful. I sat there for a couple of hours while my dad went to some other places to check with them. One by one we got them ALL RESCHEDULED!!!! Praise the Lord! I am so so excited and thankful! The only one we weren't able to get rescheduled yet is my follow up appointment with the original doctor I saw, and we may possibly be able to see him on Wednesday or do a follow up via video chat. I just almost can't believe how perfectly everything worked out! The Lord is so good!
Thank you SO very much for your prayers! You guys are blowing me away at remembering to pray for us! I know you're all busy and have your own things going on, so it means so much to me!
I have even been feeling better this week, so I've been able to spend some good time with my dad instead of being in miserable pain the whole time. We even got to check some things of our wish lists this weekend, like....
  • Going to the Mall of America (something I have wanted to do since seeing the movie Mighty Ducks 2 where they skate through the Mall of America). It was huge! It has an amusement park in the middle and is three stories tall. We were there for 2 hours and only hit the 1st floor and didn't really even shop.
  •  Going to IKEA, another thing I've always wanted to do. It's a magical place for a deal-lovin' girl like me. I only wish I had a U-haul and a bigger bank account. ha! It was nice to just look though. Even getting out of the house has been a nice treat. We went to Target last night and I was beyond excited to go. : )
  • We also got to go to a local winery that we read about. It was recently started as a little venture between a father and son and became a family project.  It was in such a beautiful area...sprawling countrysides, beautiful barns, etc... I love farms and old barns, so I was in heaven. I am not a wine drinker, have just never developed a taste for it, but I had some of the best cinnamon tea I have ever had and loved learning all about the wines.
When we looked at the picture, My dad and I got so tickled at this lady behind us.
Today we have more appointments to finish up in a little while, appointments all day Tuesday, and some appointments Wednesday as well, but we think we may be able to come home after that! I can't wait to get home to see Dasun and my girls. : ) I have been Facetiming them every night so I can see them and read them a story, so that's been a big blessing, but I am still missing them big time.

Thank you so much again for praying and for your encouraging words. I am so thankful for you all!

We saw the gastroenterologists on Tuesday. I was so impressed with them. In the middle of the appointment, I actually said, "can I stop you for a minute and just say that I love you guys and I'm so thankful to be here!" It was night and day from my other GI experience. They ordered some tests, an MRI scan of my abdomen, and scheduled another appointment for Friday. That delays our time in coming home, but I'm thankful they could get it done this week. We also met with the rheumatologist who was also wonderful and seemed very knowledgeable. He seemed to think my joint issues were related to Crohn's and seemed very confident of that. 

I also got to run into a friend who was here with her son and we got to have a great talk. It was such a blessing!

We tried to get appointments moved to today because none are scheduled, but no such luck, so my dad and I had some time to hang out. Hopefully if all goes well, we'll be able to head home Friday night or Saturday. Love y'all and I'll update again when we know more. 

Meanwhile, I leave you with a picture of my dad infront of a restaurant we went to called the Canadian Honker. With a name like that, we had to try it!

Check out the hound dog burger in the menu!!! Couldn't believe it! Needless to say, we didn't order that. Ha!

My dad and I had a good day yesterday. 
We drove around a little, visited the Harley Davidson store here, saw an awesome corn shaped water tower, and then went to see a movie (Captain Phillips). It's been a loooong time since I've been to a movie, so that was fun. It was really good...intense, but good. We kept talking about it all night.

Today was a big day. I started fasting last night and got to break it around 11:30 with some awesome tasting barium sulfate for my MRI. Yum! 
According to one of the nurses, I had, "the mother of all MRI scans" so I got to drink extra and also have a substance given intraveniously that makes you really nauseous. I was so sick and I continued to be sick to my stomach the rest of the day. Fun times! Try not to be jealous. : )
If it gives us some information it will all be worth it though.

Notice I said, "if." Meaning I don't have any information or news to share. I met with the doctor later that day and was hoping to have some news, but instead I was told that they didn't have all of the tests in yet and that depending on what those show, I may have to come back in a couple weeks for more tests. It's totally understandable that they don't know yet. It's only been a week and some of the doctors only saw me a couple of days ago, but it was a little disappointing to leave without answers. They are supposed to call me sometime this week to go over results and make a plan. On the positive side, I get to come home! My dad and I drove half way tonight and will get home tomorrow. It was a beautiful drive! Farms, silos, land, and sunsets like these...gorgeous! A reminder of God's glory and creativity. I feel like He's shown us His faithfulness over and over again during this trip.

Philippians 4:19 
And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

Another positive...As of last night, I've been able to move my neck more. It's still tight, but much better. I'm also getting better at limping for little amounts of time which is helping me get some muscle back in my legs. Yea! Maybe I can start driving again soon, at least to pick up the girls and straight back home. A girl can hope!
My dad has also been doing his best to help me gain weight back. I don't think I've eaten this much in a long time! Ha! I also have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, so I'm sure I'll be closer to normal in no time if my stomach will cooperate. : )

I will update again as soon as I know something. Thank you all for letting me know you've been keeping up with me and praying for me. I've even gotten some messages from some of my students and their families. I feel so very blessed! I love you all so much!


CB said...

Hey sweet lady! I wish I was there to hug your neck. I am trusting that you will get some answers and relief soon. God has a good and perfect plan in all of our trials. I can't see what He has in store for you. Blessings sweet sister. I pray that you feel His presence in very real ways through each step.