Reunited and it feels so good!

Oh my goodness, when we pulled in and I saw Dasun and the girls waiting for me, I got even more excited. The girls looked cuter than I even remembered. : ) 

Kennedy ran to hug me and when she looked up at me, her little face was beaming. Adelynn hugged me too and wouldn't let go. I have to tell you, I was okay with that. : )
After we got inside, a lot of hugs and cuddling were in order.
While we were on the couch, Adelynn grabbed my face and said, "I'm SO GLAD you're back! I just really really really missed you!" Priceless.

Then Kennedy ran to get her notebook and her guitar to sing me a song she wrote for me. I'll have to post a video of that. It was so sweet. : )
They even made me some welcome signs. : )
I know it was only 9 days, but it was so good to be home! While we were in our hotel room, they did a Veteran's Day video montage of soldiers away from their families, that were finally getting to reunite. I was a weeping mess after watching it. It was such a good reminder to be thankful for the many sacrifices that are made by these soldiers and their families. So, from someone who had a hard time leaving my family for a short time, thank you so much! I can't even imagine, but I'm very grateful!


Melia Keeton-Digby, M.Ed said...

You are beautiful and strong, Ashley. Reading, following, and loving you from afar. <3 Melia