Snow Days!

We had a crazy snow storm come through last week that left several inches of ice topped with several inches of snow. Dasun and the girls had several days off from school, which was so fun! The kiddos played in the snow everyday. Dasun helped me out and  carried me down the stairs so I could watch the fun. : )

 Dasun worked up a sweat pulling these girls around. : )
What a great daddy!
 Then it was inside for some hot cocoa : )
Love these sweet faces!
 On weeks like this, when we haven't been out of the house for a long long time, I am so thankful for two girls that truly love each other and play really well together. It's so fun to sit and listen to their little imaginations. Precious blessings!
 Our snowWOMAN. Complete with a purse...the girls idea. : )