Some Pre-Christmas Fun

So far, so good. I am still feeling better and have been so thankful.
I think I am enjoying doing fun things with my girls more than ever before.
It's amazing how thankful you are when you don't really get to do things with your children for several months.

We got to have some extra gingerbread men from our friend Ms. Melissa's Christmas Party and the girl's had so much fun decorating them. : )

 We also had fun making presents for our friends, The Tuckers.

 The girls were soooo excited to give their presents!

 Adelynn had a little Christmas program at school that I got to go to. I was able to drive for the first time in a very long time! My friend Sarah met me there to help with my wheelchair. We are so blessed by that family.  Afterwards Adelynn gave me these ornaments as a present from her little class. I love them! I love that her sweet teachers take time to do sweet creative things like this with her. I know it can't be easy with 4 year olds!

I also got to help with Kennedy's class party.
I made these little water bottle labels and...
 planned a fun game for the kiddos: 
Dress Your friend like a Christmas Tree Boys  vs Girls.
 They all did great and had a blast, 
but the girls ended up winning.

 Kennedy and her best friend Jane : )
 We also made brownie Christmas trees. 
Here's Adelynn with her creation.
and made a few extra for our sweet neighbors when we got home.
On top of getting to enjoy spending time with my girls, we're feeling especially blessed because of so many sweet people pouring out love on us. I feel like I'm crying daily because of something sweet someone has done. We certainly don't deserve it, but we are so grateful for the Lord's provision.
Thank you all so much! Please continue praying for continued healing.
We have decided to wait on the medications as long as I am continuing to improve, so I am hoping we made a wise decision on that front. We are also still trying to get my insurance to cover some of the costs and will hopefully be talking with them on Monday. We're also in the process of trying to change my insurance, so that we'll be able to go forward with more tests should things get bad again. For now, I am just continuing to eat a mostly paleo diet (allowing a few cheats for Christmas), continuing physical therapy, and enjoying being in less pain as long as possible. : )
We love you all so much and appreciate you more than you know.
I hope you all have a very