Thanksgiving 2013

 We got to start off our celebration by watching Kennedy do her Thanksgiving Performance at Preschool. She got really into it and was so cute!
 Papa even got to come!

 Thanksgiving Day 2013
After dinner, games and visit from my friend Jessica, we went to see the lights on the square. Adelynn wanted to sit with me in my chair and I happily obliged. I love cuddling, especially when it's cold.

That weekend we headed out for the Keylor Thanksgiving celebration!
I  didn't get very many pictures, but I did get pictures of Dasun being taken down wrestling with the kids. ha!!

 You can always rely on having some game time at the Keylor celebrations.
A little kid ping pong...
  and a serious game of spoons!
(also a glimpse of Dasun during No shave November)
I was of course not allowed to play with them.
They've been known to pull people across the table during a spoons game, so I watched from a safe distance. ha!