Snow-Snow-and MORE Snow!! + an update

In cold weather, I am all about some snow. If it's going to be cold outside, then it may as well snow. It's beautiful and so fun!
However, this year, I am about snowed out.
We've had so many snow days that my girls aren't even excited about them anymore.
Given, we are a different kind of school, so we still have to do school work on snow days which isn't near as fun as just having the whole day free to veg and play.
We did enjoy a lot of family time which has been great! This is normally a hard season because Dasun coaches basketball. We've loved having him home more. : )
Have I mentioned how much I love being able to hug and cuddle on my girls again?!!

  Making Olaf from FROZEN
(minus the carrot and other details)
 These boots have been a permanent addition to our entry.
I love seeing them all lined up. : )

During our snow days, we found some extra MDF I had from another project a long time ago and made some beds for the girls dolls. Dasun cut it for us, but I let the girls help nail it together and paint it. They had a blast! 
(Notice that I'm on the floor! I couldn't get down or up by myself, but I did it with a little help!)
 Then we used the top of a shoe box to make a draw for their clothes.
 It's not fancy, but it was free and a lot of fun to make!

Later on, we got to celebrate Kristina's birthday.
She's the girl I disciple. A total sweetheart!
 After we were able to get out, we got to see our great friends the tuckers.
And now that I am finally driving and able to walk a little more, 
we've even been able to visit some of our friends and family members.
The girls love making cookies and delivering them to people.
They also wanted us to paint their nails so we brought our nail kit too. : )
 My Mamaw Imogene- 
she is as sweet and ornery as they come! ha!
She cracks me up. :)
We also saw my Mamaw Diamond, but we didn't get a picture.
 Adelynn is blowing on her painted nails to dry them.
  My uncle Gerald and Aunt Pat
As for my health, I am still doing pretty well! I have been hurting a little more this week, but I am still a hundred times better than I was before. I haven't gained more weight yet, but I have gained a little muscle back so I feel like a look a lot healthier. I am so incredibly thankful to be feeling better!
Thank you so much for your continued prayers!
As for insurance, it's still in the appeal stages, so I don't have any good news to report on that yet, but I am excited to tell you that I got on a different insurance, so if I have another flare, I will now be covered!!! Such a blessing!


Tiffany H said...

Glad to hear you are able to do more! And I LOVE the doll bed! I better not let Joanna see this pic because she will want me to make one too! Right now she lines her dolls up on blankets on the floor each night to sleep.