Valentines 2014

Here are a few pictures from our Valentines celebrations this year!
-Making Valentines-
 I have a little tiny hole punch that I used the punch a hole small enough for the stick to go through, but not too large where it would fall our easily.

 look at that sweet face : )
Adelynn's says something a little different than kk's.
I don't want to be slow in letting you know...
I love your friendship.
 Kennedy's School Party
-the girls-

 Valentine's Breakfast
 My girls woke me up so excited! They couldn't wait to show me all of the hearts everywhere.
Dasun had interviewed the girls and he wrote what they said along with some of his own comments.

They were even in my car!
He wrote some serious ones and then some hilarious ones too.
Here are some of his funny ones:
"I love how you want to sit me down and tell me how awesome I am" - Dasun 
"I love how you always want to give me back rubs." 
he also made fake ones from the girls about me loving to give him back rubs too, ha!
He may be a little delusional. ha!!!
and some from the girls...
"I even love her so much the whole wide world!" - Adelynn
"I love the awesome ideas she has."- Kennedy
"Sometimes I just like to cuddle with her." -Adelynn
"I love that she spends time with me." -Kennedy 
Made my day!

 Then we went to Adelynn's school party
 We love Ms. Fields!

 The girls in their Ms. Pam t-shirts : )
 Paper plate hats : )
 Fun V-day dinner
(heart brownies, heart veggie platter, fancy cups, and pizza)

 My heart notes to the girls:

 Kennedy's surprise Valentine to me: