Cuddle Time

One of my favorite things is having my girls come in to wake me up in the morning to cuddle and talk. It's usually just one at a time, so it gives me some special one on one time.

 Kennedy loves to ask me about my favorite things and have me rank them in order. She also likes to tell me about her dreams, and discuss all sorts of other things.

 Adelynn loves to ask me a zillion questions about everything from creation to random thoughts.
"So mama, what about when is Easter?"
"and so mama, what about how you can't see your own face because it's your face."
"so mama what about ______?" and the list goes on. 
I truly enjoyed every second of hearing that sweet little voice.
 I love hearing their laughter and being able to laugh with them without it hurting so badly. I love being able to hug them as tightly as I want to. I missed that so much!
I don't know how long I'll feel good, but I plan on soaking it up while I can.
I mean...look at those faces!