Health and Insurance Update!

 I had been doing so much better and have been so thankful for a break in the pain, the ability to walk again, and being able to hug my girls again. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I started to hurt again. I was still walking, but very painfully, and my left elbow and shoulder were really sore. I hadn't been as strict on my paleo diet, allowing some occasional grains and sugars, so I'm not sure if that is why I was hurting or not, but I went back to being very strict in hopes that the inflammation would go away. I also sent out a prayer request to my church, not only for the pain, but also for the anxiousness...fearing that it was coming back. Without any exaggeration, I promise you that the next day I hurt even less and when I woke up the day after that, I felt even better. I grabbed my girls and we prayed and gave thanks right then! Kennedy had been worried about me, so I was relieved to give her some good news!

As for the insurance, we don't have any solid news to report, but we got a letter from the insurance company telling us they might overturn a few of the previously denied claims, which would be a huge praise! Please keep praying. : ) We appreciate you all so much!


Sara Neufeld said...

God is good! We continue to pray. Love you much.

Tiffany H said...

So I'm reading your blog updates in reverse chronological order this morning :-) God is mighty and I'm so glad to continue hearing your reports of answered prayers and healing. It is an encouragement to me. Will keep praying about the insurance stuff/medical bills with you. Love you, friend!