Dance Recital -Spring 2014 (& Nana!!)

Kennedy had her 2nd spring recital this year and it was so good. I wish you could have watched her little face as she danced. So sweet.

She wants to play soccer this next year, at least in the fall, so depending on whether she likes it or not, she may not do dance next year, so I soaked it up. I know I am biased, but she really is good at ballet...surprisingly so, so I hope she continues, but I'll let her do whatever she loves most. We're one of those, "only one activity at a time," families, so she'll have to choose. Life is already busy enough, so I find myself protecting our family time. It also gets expensive, so that's part of it too. The little dance place kennedy goes to, does everything it can to keep it really inexpensive  and I appreciate that...a lot!

KK and Nana : )

Dasun' mom (aka Nana) go to come to KK's recital and then hang out with us for a few days. We so enjoyed having her!
If you're reading this Nana, come see us again soon!

Kennedy trying to sit like Nana. : )