Race for the cure!

By the grace of God, I was able to do Race for the Cure this year! I haven't missed one since my mom was diagnosed, so I really wanted to try this year. When I told Dasun, he was very worried, but I told him, if it got too painful, I could just stop halfway and meet them afterwards. He, knowing I'm a stubborn woman (& emotional about my mama), was sweet and let me try. My dad had to help me towards the end, but we made it!! I could barely move the next two days, but it was worth it! I'm so thankful! In December, I was still in my wheelchair. Who would've thought if be able to walk in race for the cure in April?! I am so very grateful to be feeling better. I hope I never take moving for granted again. 
Afterwards, as is tradition, we went to "the pink place" for breakfast.

My sweet friend Casey walked with me.
Love this girl and her ginormous heart!

Dasun, Tish & joe (my moms best buddies), Greg Ballard (a old and good family friend, me, Adelynn in front, my dad, and the Rainer crew (some of our best friends). My friend Carrie was due any moment, so she didn't get to walk with us this year.