14 years!

Today is Dasun and I's 14th anniversary!
How did that happen?! It flew by so quickly.
It's another example of God's provision in my life.
I am so thankful for Dasun and the wonderful husband and father he is.
We aren't perfect by any means, and have had to grow a LOT, but after 14 years, we're still laughing, still loving, and yes, still forgiving each other for our "moments." ha! He's made me a better person and I'm truly grateful!

So many fun memories:
 Married : )
so clueless. ha!


Skydiving for our 5th

 Starting our family : )
 We're so mature and refined : )

 Yep, another mature moment.
-chocolate tooth-a classic. : )

 Showing off our awesome dance moves : )
  Hot air balloon for our 13th

 Still having fun after all of these years!
I'm glad I married a man who's not "too cool for school."
You're so fun!
Happy Anniversary Dasun!

We got to go to dinner to celebrate together and had a great time. : )


Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute. :)

Becky Denny said...

Ashley, I love catching up on your life through your blog. You do an amazing job of reflecting God's love as you struggle through the valley's and celebrate the mountain tops. Your hubby and girls are so blessed. Reading about your Paleo experience is very interesting. Thankful you have found some relief and answers. Love you sweet girl.

Nancy said...

Hi Ashley. I found your blog via Pinterest; someone had pinned your drum light shade DIY. You have such an engaging writing style that I couldn't help but read other posts. So now it's 1-1/2 hours later and I've ready all the way from when you were first having health issues to the present. I'm blown away by your love for and faith in our Savior. When I read all your praises I just had to praise Him, too. The Keylor Family is so beautiful. I think Kennedy and Adelynn are little knocks offs of their mom and dad. So, so sweet. You guys get the award for Most Photogenic Family on the Net. Congratulations on 14 years of marriage and your new home. Thank you for being a witness and testimony to Jesus Christ. I'm a new follower now and hope you'll keep us posted on your progress. I'm lifting up a prayer for you, Dasun and the girls, and praising God for His faithfulness. He's awesome! Love and hugs ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage