A child's perspective : )

I wanted to share a sweet Adelynn moment with you:

So, I'm on my 4th bout with strep throat. I also have a sinus infection, pink eye, and laryngitis...again.
I'm doing a lot better in other health areas, but my immune system apparently still needs some time to get up to par.  I'm catching everything, even though I'm not even teaching this year.

Well, needless to say, I look like death and feel like poo. I haven't been sleeping either because I wake up every time I have to swallow. This lack of sleep is only accentuating my "death look." Ha!
Today, I was standing in the bathroom putting on my t-shirt and shorts (because I like to glam it up when I'm sick) and I noticed Adelynn staring at me. I mouthed, "what do you need?" And she says, 
"Nothin' I'm just standing here looking at how beautiful you are."
Are you serious?! What a sweet heart! 
A child can truly see past the ugly can't they? They aren't judgmental. They don't make fun of you when you get up and look all crazy or when your on the couch, in a robe, blowing your nose a million times. They just love you and see good in you. I love the hearts of young children. 
Yes, they have their moments, but for the most part, they are better than most adults. Better at showing kindness to perfect strangers, better at not caring what others think, better at using their giftings, better at seeing good in general, etc...May we be more like them. 

I read a post today about the mean things high schoolers are posting about each other. It breaks my heart. What changes in those few years? Oh that God would protect our kiddos hearts. I want my child to be smart and happy, sure...But FAR beyond that, I want them to love others as Jesus did. It's a battle to keep a soft, joyful, hopeful heart in this world, but I'm ready to battle with them for their hearts. I love these girls so much and am so blessed to be there mama and learn from them in the process of trying to teach them. Such a gift. : )

Random side note: This post made me think on something my mentor in college said. She told me, "you can either let trying times make you bitter or better. I'll never forget that. Thank you Elisabeth Beasley. : ) I've had to choose many times, to grow wiser or more discerning, but also remain hopeful and trusting. I don't want the enemy to steal one ounce of my joy.