Father's Day Fun 2014

We have a father's day camping tradition, but this year we were all a little overwhelmed. We found a house and were closing/ starting renovations in 2 days and my dad had just sold his house and was moving in about a week. Now this is something that's stressful even when we're able to help each other, but the timing of both of our moves, meant that we all had about more than we could handle. ha! We were both super thankful and very stressed out, so we decided to have a camping DAY instead of a whole weekend. We had such a good time.....


 being goofy

 and of course, eating!
This is Dasun making our new tradition...The Bader Peanut Butter Bomb
The Bader family taught us one of their favorite ways to do s'mores.

Double up your foil, add chocolate, marshmallows, and a dollup of peanut butter.
Close the foil and stick it in the fire or even hot coals until it melts.
Stir together and then dip your graham crackers in the goodness!
My husband LOVES peanut butter and chocolate, so he is a BIG fan!
Thank you Baders!
Happy Father's Day to two of the best dads I have ever known! We are so very blessed to have you in our lives!!