Outdoor Fun in Branson

We found an amazing living social deal to a place in Branson, probably because it was before peak season, but we don't care...a deal is a deal!). 
Since we knew we'd be busy most of the summer moving and redoing the new house, we thought it might be fun to do this with the girls and get some quality time in.
It was such a neat place! It had a marina with free paddle boats and kayaks and places to fish.
There was another area with a beautiful pool and hot tub.
 We had a little snack when we got there.
This was the view from our room...so pretty!
The girls were so excited to swim, they could hardly stand it. 
When I asked them how excited, this was their reaction. : )

 There were ducks and geese everywhere. : )

Look what this girl caught!
The biggest fish of the day!