RENOVATIONS ("The Neverending Story")!

As soon as we closed, we went out to dinner to celebrate and then straight to the new house to get started. 
We took out the tile in the entry
ripped out the carpet with our awesome helpers
 flexed our muscles and TRIED to look tough  : )
 See that trim...I had the bright idea to paint the trim white before we did the floor, which was a good plan, but I wasn't taking into account the fact that I had about a zillion other irons in the fire and only 1 more week to get it all finished. I also didn't realize how much trim and how many doors I had to do. Thank goodness we have a small house! Had it been any bigger, I might have cried. ha! I finally finished at 4 am on the very last night.
 I removed the gold back splashes in both bathrooms and the kitchen, spackled the wall, and sanded them.

 check out those random patches of wall paper : )

 I worked with our friend Bryan to get ready to knock out the kitchen wall. It was load bearing, so I didn't want to take chances! He also helped me rewire the electrical so that I wouldn't electrocute myself. We were so thankful for his help!! We couldn't have done it and stayed on budget without him.
 I got to help knock out a wall for the first time ever. So exciting!!! I could barely move the next day, but I was happy to be able to do it and the soreness eventually went away.

 Dasun installed new toilets
 and installed our new flooring in the main areas (kitchen, living room, hallway, and bathrooms. You can see a glimpse of what the floor looked like before. We decided to go with a vinyl floor plank. It looks like real wood, but it's waterproof, so you can install it in kitchens and bathrooms without worrying. It's also much cheaper and it's a floating floor, so you can install it over any sub floor.
 I also sanded, primed, and repainted all of our cabinets....bathrooms and kitchens (I'll post before and afters soon). I was super sore after this too. ha! This whole thing was like a REALLY aggressive physical therapy program. I am SO thankful that I was able to do things though. This is my happy...working hard, making a contribution, DIY projects, making a fun home for our family, and especially seeing the before and after pictures. : )
 I also go to sheet-rock for the first time (by myself) and had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I was doing.  Yea for winging it!
 and it was meeeeeesssssssssssssssyyyyyy! I have never, in my entire life, done anything this messy. I looked like a snowman. It was all over the floor, all over the counters, trim, inside the cabinets. etc... This was only after 10 minutes of sanding. I sanded much longer than this, then the next day, I sheet-rocked and sanded again. I used a "low-dust" formula. I don't even want to know how bad a regular dust formula would have been.
 Then I started painting the kitchen cabinets. I wanted to at least get this part done before we moved in, knowing I could finish the doors later. The cabinets were all in rough shape, so they needed to be redone anyway and I love white kitchens. : )
 starting to shape up
 here you can see the bar I built. This will eventually look like it's part of the counter top once we redo the counter tops. I plan to use a concrete overlay system that will cover it all. It will be a darker shade, so it won't be too overly white then.
 We've done a little more than this, but this is at least a little update. : )
I'll hopefully have some before and after pictures up soon. : )