Visiting Vanessa!

We finally made it down to visit my sister since they moved back from China. It's sad that it took us this long, but this year has been a little crazy to say the least. 
We decided to go through Monroe, LA, so that we could see the Duck Dyanasty stuff along the way.
We are big fans! They crack us up!
We went to Willie's Duck Diner for Lunch 
& then headed over to the Duck Commander Headquarters!
 It was so fun to be at the place we've watched so many ridiculous things happen at. : )
These are our best Duck Dynasty tough faces. ha!
Well, I think adelynn just did silly. ha!
 Inside, there's a gift shop with some really fun decor...
Like this huge DD head
 and the record breaking wood carved duck call

 We finally got to Baton Rouge that evening.
It was SO GOOD to hug Vanessa's neck. : )
They have a beautiful home with a pool and an outdoor fireplace area, so we got to swim and make s'mores that night. My girls were in heaven. : )
 Their house sits next to a beautiful pond and the sunsets are so beautiful.

There are several ducks around the neighborhood. The mother duck across the way, doesn't recognize this duck (Abby) as hers, because it was born the day after her others, so my nephew Luke is raising it. It follows him everywhere. It's so cute! This is Adelynn holding Abby. : )

Their neighbors dog swam across the pond and wanted to play with my girls. He was so cute and kept bringing a stick for us to throw. When Kennedy wanted to stop playing so she could swim some more, the dog kept bringing her the stick, so she'd get out and play some more. Vanessa told her to just stop throwing it and the dog would stop. She tried, but when the dog kept bringing it to her, she started crying and saying that she felt bad for the dog and didn't want it to be sad. She was worried that the dog would think she didn't like it. Love that sweet tender heart. : )
On Saturday, we went to New Orleans. I have never been. I was always a little scared of the crazy night life I had heard about. I'm such a granny! With kiddos though, I am even more cautious about where we go. My friend casey told us to go during the day and gave us a few places to go. We went to Cafe' Du Monde' to try a beignet. Believe it or not I have never had one, so I cheated and had a little. I mean, we were in New Orleans for Pete's sake! ha!

 Look closely at my nephew's face...ha!
 See all of the waters?...It was HOT!

 Jackson Square
 Time to head home : (
A lot of packing awaits!!!

On our way to Louisiana, we got to squeeze in some time with the Keylor family in Conway. It was so good to see so many people that we had been missing!

 Such a FUN and BLESSED trip!!
I am so thankful we got to go!
Now, on to packing boxes!