The girls have been asking to get their ears pierced for years, but they'd keep changing their minds. I told them that it had to be something they wanted to do and thought they could be brave enough to do before we could go. Well, at the end of July, they both decided they were ready, so we decided to take them. They were SO excited!
 I'd like to say that it was a great experience, but it wasn't. Dasun and I were stressing out, because when Kennedy went, one of the ladies missed her ear completely (even though they did it at the same time). Then we had to go buy earrings at a different place because they were out of those.

Next up, it was Adelynn's turn with DIFFERENT people helping because of the earlier mishap.
Nope...problems again...one of the earrings was through the very bottom of her ear! For real?! Not good for already nervous parents. Well, they have a 24 hour rule, so we had to wait 24 hours before they could pierce her ear again. So sweet girl had to go around with only 1 earring in her ear, then had to go back to get her ear pierced after having the knowledge that it hurt. She did awesome the first time...not even a flinch! But the second time...she freaked out a bit. The good news...they both did well and their ears are happy and healthy now. : )

The crazy thing is that after we left, this lady drove up behind us in the parking lot, increased her speed, and revved up her engine, and honked at us, because she didn't want to wait on us to cross over to our car. ha! Some people are crazy town, but I guess we at least had opportunities to show grace and forgiveness. : )

After all of that, we thought they could use some ice cream.

The girls were so happy! They had no idea what a crazy day it was. They were just excited about their earrings. : )