Hutch REdo

Our new house doesn't have a pantry and doesn't ave very many cabinets, so we started looking for a little armoire or some salvage cabinets we could use as a pantry. I was talking to my sister when we visited them in Baton Rouge and she said, "Wait! I have something that you can just have!" I said, "Are you sure? Whatever I get, I am planning on painting it."
She confirmed that she didn't care and then we set off to tell my husband that we needed to load this treasure and take it home on the same trip that we were supposed to be picking up the wood and kit to make our murphy bed in Little Rock. Needless to say, said husband, was not very enthusiastic about this. /it wasn't ideal, but it was a FREE PANTRY people! How could we pass that up!??
I took off the hardware and sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I have had awesome luck with metallic spray paints on knobs and pulls. I did a black dresser a while back and haven't had any issues. I haven't used it in door knobs yet, so I can't speak to that.

 This is the after before I had anything in it. My friend Carrie had the genius idea to put baskets on top for more storage. I am in love with this little hutch!

 I painted it and then distressed it, so that it would look nice and old. I love old things. : )
I also replaced the door inserts with chalkboard so that you couldn't see inside it. Not that it's not perfectly organized behind there (cough--sarcasm--cough). ha!