Our big 5 year old!

Adelynn had her 5th birthday in August. I can't believe she's 5! She of course wanted a Frozen party, so we did our best even though it was August and about 100' outside.

 Sven snacks
 "We finish each others sandwiches"
 and Elsa punch

 Kennedy made some homemade decorations : )

She also asked to be in charge o making the pin the nose on the Olaf game for the party. I love that girl. : )

 It's so fun to watch her open presents. I love that thankful heart!

 At one part during the party, I found the girls in their room, with Kennedy reading them her handwritten Frozen story. These gals can also be crazy at times, but this was a really sweet moment.
 We also got to have some hang out time with some friends...a little chatting and a little bocce ball.