October 2015

KK had Greek Olympics at school. It was pretty cute..
chariot racing

 discus throwing

 It was a fun day that I don't think they'll ever forget.

Quite possibly my favorite school picture ever. 
You can just see her personality in it. : )

Then it was off to spend some quality time with Mom and Dad Keylor.

 Huge burgers which they both finished!!
 We had such a great time! Lots of fun memories!

We also celebrated Dasun's b-day:

Later in the month, we took a field trip with a few other families to see the Nina and the Pinta replicas. It was extremely interesting!!!

Then we celebrated our "Fall Tent Movie Night" (our tradition instead of Halloween). The girls dug through their dress up and came up with costumes. Kennedy's cracked me up. She was a super hero ballerina who rescues people that don't know how to dance. ha!!
 Adelynn wanted to be Mary and carried around a baby Jesus and a whole slew of animals.
 She even decided to share baby Jesus with Marla and Marla cuddled right up to it. : )
Pretty stinking cute!

Our movie fort

We also took an educational field trip to the fire department. It was so fun to hear funny stories about all of the guys living there and playing pranks on each other, to see their living quarters, and watch them go down their pole. They were all very nice. : )

I also got to have some fun time with my best friends.

Last, but not least, the girls were in the school talent show this year. They did, "So long, Farewell," from The Sound of Music. Adelynn doesn't go to school there, but they needed her to play the little girl and she was excited to do it! They are so much braver than me and I love it!

They accidentally started the music way too early, but they still did a great job. At the end, Adelynn's supposed to be asleep, but she accidentally sings and she's wearing a mic, so everyone starts cracking up.
Click this link if you want to see the cuteness : )

 I was so proud of these kiddos!!

 As part of the talent show theme, some of the moms dressed up like Disney Characters. Adelynn was mesmerized by Cinderella and wanted to keep talking to her.

It was such a fun night!!!