Fire Pit Prep and fun!

When I got back from Kansas, Dasun and the girls had surprised me by building our fire pit! I was ecstatic! I had called Dasun that Saturday night and told him that I wanted to build ours sometime soon, not knowing that they had ALREADY built it that day! They were so excited to show me when I got home and it meant so much that they would do that for me.
Later that week, the girls and I decided to make a bunting to go outside. I think the whole project cost about $6 for a very long bunting.

After we got that made, I found some outdoor furniture on Craigslist and we started having people over. We still have a ton of friends we want to invite, but the weather got cold fast.
My dad and The Tucker family helped us christen our fire pit : )
 We even got to host our first little family get together with my mom's side of the family. It blessed my heart to have everyone at our house.
 my sister : )
 Our sweet friends the Neufelds : )