DIY Christmas Decor on the Cheap : )

My mother-in-law gave me an old silver plastic tray that she didn't need, so I painted it red and painted the middle with chalkboard paint, to make a festive chalkboard for the mantel.
*I already had the other supplies, but if you have to buy them, It would be about $3 at the most with a coupon.

Next I made a little felt ball bunting to add some fun color. It was easy peasy, but it got tangled and it was a bear to untangle, so be sure to keep your ends nice and separated.
Cost: $3 or less

I also made the stockings, but that was a few years ago. I got some fabric on sale, turned my other stocking inside out, traced them onto the back of the other fabric (adding an extra 1/2" on all sides and extra on the top for the fold over. It wasn't hard at all and I am not an amazing seamstress...by far! I can't remember the cost, but I think it was around $5 for all of them.