January 2015

 Dasun & my dad went on their ski trip, 
so the girls and I had some date nights and a "sleep" over. 
Notice that the word sleep is in quotes. ha!
 Ice skating at a party with friends

 We also had amazing weather while they were gone! 
We're talking 70 degree, sun shining weather, 
of which I am a BIG FAN!!!
Adelynn loved it too. ha! 
She keeps putting her sunglasses on like this. : )

When I was sick last year, Dasun bought me the metal stamping kit that I had been wanting for Christmas, but I couldn't use it yet. Then when I started feeling better, I had to finish the art orders I fell behind on. So...with that said, I just now got it out to give it a try and made my first piece.
I can't wait to make more : )