Keylor Clubhouse

We took a little section of our storage shed and made it into a little clubhouse for the girls. My dad let us have the little kitchen set my mom made for Vanessa and I  when we were little, which is so special to me! She made the little kitchenette and the oven by hand, complete with an actual water faucet and racks in the oven. 

This is me on Christmas morning (looking very sleepy), when she gave it to us. : )
 I am so thankful that we get to pass it onto our girls. We used to all play with it at my parents old house, but now that he's moved, he doesn't have room for it.
Dasun and I set about working on it when the girls were in bed because we wanted to surprise them...making curtains, making bunting, making a little pallet in the loft, attaching rings and handles, building a ladder and a railing, etc...
I think we were just as excited about surprising the girls
as the girls were when they saw it. : )

Here's a close-up of the little kitchenette. Isn't it adorable?

This is the little table I use to have tea parties at with my mom : )

 This is the loft. Nothing fancy, just thrift store pillows and blankets.
 The Tucker and Keylor girls looking down from the loft
 Cold weather wouldn't stop these girls : )