August 2014

 Thanks to some generous friends giving us their tickets, we got to go to the Boston Concert with our best buddies the Tuckers. : )
 We also tried to fit in all of the outside fun we could fit in before School started back : )
 I love the way these two love each other. It blesses my heart so!

 Mt. Seqouyah
 Old fashioned drive-in movie that's been around for a looong time... complete with rusty slides. : )

First Day of School!
Kennedy is in 3rd grade!! That sounds so old to a kindergarten teacher!!!...too old.

 She had to fill out her goals and I loved them so much!
"Get the most character coins (a reward at school for showing christlike character), Be a good sport, love one another, follow the ten commandments, don't fight, help others, pray for Gracie (whose mama has cancer, count the stars (gotta' love that can do attitude), and help mom and dad."

The 1st day couldn't be complete with out hanging out with these peeps : )
 Adelynn is in Pre-K and loves her teacher and her class. Both of the girls do and both of them do so well in school, listening and learning, but more importantly being kind to others. I am a proud mama. : )

aaaand in BIG NEWS, we got a dog!!! 
We adopted her from an organization named, For Pets Sake, that rescues strays and helps to find them homes. She is quite the character and for a while, we felt like we had a newborn again. ha! Her name was Marla when we adopted her.  She had already learned it & we didn't have the heart to change it again, so without further ado, meet Marla
 She is loved big time around here!

I also decided to open a little booth in homage to my sweet mom.
When I was growing up, flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores were our favorite things to visit together, so it was always something I wanted to do someday. My mom had a fierce love for lamps. ha! My uncle used to call our house the city on a hill because it was always lit up with all of her lamps. In her last days, she told me to make sure my dad had plenty of lamps on when she was gone because she didn't want him in the dark. : )
I named my booth "City on a Hill Vintage" in her honor.

 That is August in a nutshell : )