Murphy Bed completed!!!

I have wanted to build a murphy bed for a very long time, but we finally made it happen. We wanted to provide a guest room when guests come see us, but for most of the year, we wanted to use it as an office/ craft/ school room, so we decided to bite the DIY bullet and get 'er done.
I wouldn't say that it was a super cheap project, because you have to buy all of the lumber and hardware, but by doing it ourselves we saved a ton!
This is only the 2nd big project we have ever done. The coffee table with the pull out drawer was our first and they were both harder than we thought, but we love that we made them together!

Here's my classy husband pretending to drill up his nose. ha!
 Did I mention that this whole beluga fell on me!!? 
Dasun was scared that he had killed me...truly.
Story of our life, we try to save money and usually end up paying the difference in doctors bills for injuries. ha!
Thankfully this time I was okay, just banged up and sore for a few days. 
This was my hair clip afterwards.
 Here she blows before I painted it:

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to paint it...
should I be safe and go with white, black, or gray, or should I go with a fun color?
Here is is after I painted it!
 I still need to add hardware, so that it looks like an armoire, but I'm so happy it's done!