November 2014

 The fall colors always take my breath away. I never get tired of pointing out brightly colored trees to the girls. This was our first year to have pretty trees around our house. I loved every minute of it! Yes, the leaves totally overtook us, but it was worth it. : )

Aunt Vanessa got to come spend some time with us for our Garton get-together. The girls love their Aunt Vanessa. : )

Adelynn also lost her first tooth!!!
She let me pull it no problem. I told her that if she freaked out, I wasn't going to do it and it worked.

Dasun and KK got to go to a Razorback game because a friend of ours had 2 tickets. I did not volunteer to go, it was COOOLD! I hate being cold!

While the hard core razorback fans were gone, I got to get some special time with this gal. : )
I love her stories. She's so expressive and fun!

We celebrated my dad's birthday later that month : )

and later that night, this happened...

poor thing : (


 Look at what our candles did during dinner! One candle built a bridge all the way to the other candle..strange.
 After dinner games:
The many faces of Kennedy during Jenga. ha!

Suspend! Another family favorite for all ages!
We also had an awesome Thanksgiving at the Keylor's, but I stupidly forgot my camera!!!
Keylor fam- help me out and please send me some pictures! : )

We are so thankful!