September 2014

We started off the month with Adelynn officially starting school:

Then my sister-in-laws came down for a girls' weekend:

 We just look dirty, but these are charcoal face masks. ha!
We so fancy!

Then we drove down to Conway for a family visit and to baptize Kennedy. She really wanted her daddy to do it and wanted her cousins to be there (unfortunately Vanessa and her family couldn't make it). Even my Dad and Dasun's parents made the drive to Conway to be there, which meant so much to us!
My sweet guy got pretty emotional when he started talking about his love for Kennedy...we all did. She's such a treasure. This love is overwhelming!

 This is probably my favorite picture : )...such joy!

Look at all of these people!
Everyone (except my dad) stays in the same house during the holidays. It's a FULL house!

While we were there, the kids got some good cousin time in and my sister in law Jenny took these precious pictures of Adelynn:
  Making mud pies : )

 Kennedy played soccer on a team for the first time this year. 
She LOVED it!
 We also had some epic games of Sorry. 
The girls triumphed!

 Woo Pig Sooie! We got to go to a Razorback football game with the girls.

 We almost didn't make it because of the never ending door installation! I swear, it's always the projects you think are the simplest, that take forever and cause the most problems.
This little beauty was almost the death of me! 

  1.  The paint messed up big time, so I had to strip it. After three bottles of stripper and a ton of elbow grease, I still couldn't get it off, so I had to borrow a belt sander to get it off.
  2. Primed it again and repainted it...only to discover we had painted the WRONG SIDE!!!
  3. At this point I had to laugh...it was either that or start crying.
  4. Primed it again, repainted it white
  5. Let it dry and paint the CORRECT side this time.
  6. Then the install : (
  7. We had measured before we bought it, but the hinges weren't aligned, so we had to etch out new hinge grooves and fill the old ones.
  8. Then, the hinge pins were the wrong size, so we had to go to lowes to get those.
  9. Finally get that done and the lock hole doesn't line up, so we have to etch that out and fill the old one.
  10. We get the door hung and there are gaps all around it, so we have to fill that in too.
I am telling you...an ordeal!! What should have taken an hour or two, took days!

Next was our Greek day at KK's school. We dressed up in our toga's and served authentic Greek food to the kiddos.

 I even got to have a little date night with these two cuties while Dase was out of town.