Ginormous Blessings!

I am still in shock.
Truly in shock.
We have some awesome car news to share with you guys!!!
I want to explain a little because I don't want you to just see us out in town and leave you wondering.  I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

Have you ever watched a movie in which the main characters have a major falling out because of a miscommunication or a lack of fully explaining what happened? This is one of my top three pet peeves...miscommunication (the other two being when people are really cocky or inconsiderate).

Due to this, I am usually an over-communicator. I am also an on-the-way-to-recovering people pleaser and while I'd like to think that people wouldn't assume the worst of me. I also know that we're all human and can all be judgy sometimes.

With that said, if you thought that with me not working we were pretty tight, budget wise, you'd be very correct. That might be an understatement. HOWEVER, the Lord continues to supply...and I continue to be totally blown away by it (picture me ugly crying).

Let me go back a ways...
When dasun and I got married...well, actually when I started teaching, the first thing we bought was a car for dasun because his was pit-i-ful. I won't repeat what the car salesman mouthed as we drove it up to trade it. Ha!! We bought a used Galant, but it was fancy to us. Then we replaced my car the next year with a used Honda Accord. I had always loved Honda Accords and we were shocked to find a used one, in good condition, that was in our budget. We got those paid off before we had kiddos because we knew I wanted to stay home if possible. So, since 2002, we haven't had a car payment and that has been a big blessing.

Flash forward to 2015...both of our cars are at least 15 years old. We've tried to Dave Ramsey our budget to make a little car fund because we knew "it" was coming, but we still only had a VERY little amount and we couldn't have a car payment, so we waited. 

Now, I know it's rude to give details, so I won't, but when Dasun's car needed to be replaced, the Lord provided Dasun an opportunity to buy a used truck for HALF of what it was worth, so we sold his car and were able to get the truck with no payments. We couldn't believe it! God has surprised us before, but it never ceases to amaze me how specifically He meets our needs. Sometimes it's a long wait for those provisions, like selling our house and finding this one or waiting on healing from pain/ sickness. His timing is always SO MUCH BETTER than mine though and He teaches us so much in the waiting...so much.  Though my stubborn heart still thinks I need to be in control, He's proven that He knows better than I do again and again.

And he just reminded us again...
So, my car is 15 years old and has seen better days. It has taken us everywhere our family needed to go all of that time, which means the mileage is...impressive. Ha!! It has been such a blessing, but lately we have been a little stressed because we used our car fund for Dasun's truck and we knew my car wasn't far behind. I have been known to talk to my car and plead with her to keep on truckin' as long as possible. Ha!! It almost gave out this summer on the day we closed on our house....talk about stress!!!!!! We literally cruised into the parking lot of he title company with smoke pouring out of the hood and me thinking my husband was going to go in the loony bin because of another unexpected expense. We prayed that it would last a while longer and thankfully it has! In the meantime, I've been praying about it and truly just let go of the anxiousness and began trusting that He would take care of it. I think letting go is the hardest part for this planning gal, but letting go signifies trust...faith in the One you claim to believe in. The same God that walked on water, raised the dead, and parted the Red Sea. It's exhausting living like an Israelite, always worrying complaining, and not trusting. I get so frustrated reading about their lack of trust, but I am more like them than I want to admit. So prideful, thinking I know what's best, questioning His ways, being anxious about the future when He's already told us and shown us that He's got this, etc... It's a constant struggle to lay that down and remind myself of who He is and what He's capable of.

Well, flash to this week...
The Lord has blown us away again! He provided a way for us to trade our car for a 2008 GMC. Trade--straight up!!!! Are you kidding me?! I am still in disbelief! Cue the ugly crying again. I don't even have the words to express how overwhelmed and thankful I am, but oh I am! It still hasn't registered that this is real. Kennedy got out of it today and said she felt like royalty and that it felt too fancy for us. : )  That's exactly how I feel and it is. It is too fancy for us. We are SO undeserving. He has already loved us more than we deserve by saving us. That's a miracle in and of itself, but he's a good Father and He wants to provide for His children and I guess the main reason I wrote this, is because I don't want you to see us in our new cars and think we had anything to do with it. I want to shout from my "mountain top" that we had nothing to do with it. They were huge blessings and we are so so grateful! We hope to use them to bless/help others.