We have been weeding our flowerbeds and our sidewalks. We feel the pain in our arms, backs, and legs the next day. In the work, I feel the Lord teaching me. Even though I did my best to prevent any weeds from coming, they came while I wasn't looking. I pull out these little unassuming sprigs, knowing that if I don't, they will take over and choke life out of the flower bed. It reminds me of the weeds we allow in our own lives...anger, impatience, pride, bitterness, indifference, unforgiveness, and the list goes on. 

Some of the weeds are easy to pull out, if you'll just bend down and try, but others have grown long roots and take a lot more effort. Those too can come out though, sometimes by using our every muscle and sometimes by getting help. 

Make sure you're spending time with the Lord.  I know this can be difficult...mostly because the busyness of life makes it hard for us to sit quietly with Him at all. I don't think this is by chance though. If the enemy can keep us distracted, we don't notice the weeds at all. As you spend time with the Lord this week, ask Him to show you any weeds that may have snuck in during the winter.  The answer won't be one of condemnation. Answers like that aren't from the Lord. His answers, though convicting, are gentle and lead to repentance and growth. They don't make us wallow in our screw ups. Jesus specializes in screw ups. He didn't dine with the Pharisees who had memorized  the law and thought they had it all together, he met with prostitues, criminals, ...sinners just like us. He has a heart for the broken, the messed up, the humble. When He shows you the weeds in your life, lay them at His feet and ask for His help in removing them from your life. 
He is faithful.