easy PALEO MEALS on a Ramen Noodle Budget

Hey guys! 
I have had so many people ask me about meal ideas for eating Paleo and about how we do it on our budget. I usually have to reply to people with a dozen jumbled text messages and blurry pictures of recipes, but I finally sat down and put together a FREE DOCUMENT for you about how I eat paleo on a tight budget and how I make it work for our whole family. 
No one wants to cook separate meals for their family. It's just not sustainable long term. 
In this document I wrote out:
-meal ideas
-breakfast ideas
-dessert ideas
-and even some eating out ideas!
I truly hope this helps you all!
Eating this way has helped me feel so much better 
and if it helps you get healthier, I would be thrilled!
If you want to view the whole document, click here.

Here's an example of a few of the pages:

*As always, do your own research before starting a new way of eating. I read several articles and studies about paleo and autoimmune diseases before I began.