KK's 9th bday!!

This little sweetheart turned 9 and is almost finished with 3rd grade! This means she is almost a big 4th grader! To a kindergarten teacher, that almost seems like college age. Ha!!
Oh, my heart!!! 

I love this time with my girls and would honestly freeze it if I could. They are precious! Their little senses of humor, grins, imaginations, hearts for others, personalities,... I am so crazy about them. 

KK & I at her school b-day celebration:

This year Kennedy requested an art party. For those of you that know me, you know that's right up my alley. We had a great idea coming up with ideas.
 paintbrush pretzels
 Fruit color wheel

 Artist's palette cookie cake
 & creative Juices
 We had a great time with friends playing and being creative
 Papa and Ann : )
 Her faces are priceless!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!
You are a true gift from the Lord!!!