101 Things Your Child Can Do To Entertain Themselves This Summer

Well, I admit that I have completely dropped the ball on our family blog. Life has been a little crazy. I hope to catch up sometime this summer, possibly, but I have been posting little posts to instagram in the meantime under AKEYLOR. : )

As summer begins, I wanted to make something to help out! It's a printable list of things that your children can do either completely by themselves or with minimal support from you. The independence will obviously depend on age, but if there is something that you don't want to be an option for your kids, feel free to black it out or use the cut out option and leave those out of the jar.

For the moms, dads, & any caregiver that hates hearing “I’m bored,” this list is for you! At my house, I don’t let my girls say that, because it is a reflection of a heart issue—usually a heart struggling to be grateful or content. We all struggle with that, but I think it’s always possible to think of something to do (and believe me, I’ve had seasons of having to sit for long whiles). Knowing how to entertain yourself is a big life skill. One of the best ways we can bless them is by showing them that their brains are capable of so much intelligence and creativity. I think another secret, is teaching them to get their eyes off of themselves – asking first how they can serve or bless others. Serving others changes your heart. I know that’s when I feel true joy and I see it in their faces as well. I didn’t list a lot of service projects, because I wanted them to think of things on their own and wanted this list to be comprised of things your kids (most of them) could do on their own or with just a little help.

How to use this list:
(There are a few options)

1 Save the list as a back up when they come & ask you for an idea,

2Cut up the ideas into strips and put them in an idea jar, or

3Print the list & let them keep it out somewhere so they can reference it when they need inspiration (after they’ve finished their chores).


I hope this list is a blessing to you! 
I'll leave you with some fun pictures of ideas from the list to inspire you. : )

Bullseye Sponge Toss
 credit: kiwicrate.com

An Easy No-Bake Recipe 
that kids can make on their own with just a little knowledge of measuring

Let the Kids Make an Indoor or Outdoor Obstacle Course 
credit: learnplayimagine.com

Balloon Ping-pong
credit: keepingitsimplecrafts.com

Nature Art
credit: icreativeideas.com

Let Them Make and Play With a Catapult
This is hours of fun! Have a distance competition, see if you can knock something off of the end of the table, etc...

Look Up a Fun Kid Workout For Them To Do
credit: youtube.com