Cookie Tutorials!

I always look at smooth glossy cookies and wonder how they do that, so I watched YouTube videos and invited my friend Carrie over to try it out with me. We had so much fun and so did my girls!

These were our first attempts. My expectations were low, because it was my first time to ever try, and I was ready to have fun regardless, but they turned out better than I thought they would!

*The bottom left was my first one and the icing was a bit too thick, so I had to thin it a bit more.

Then I tried some other designs and letters...

I had a little extra icing left over, so I played a little more with it last night...not really following any rules or tips but just being creative. 

I will definitely be doing this more in the future. They felt like little art canvases and I had a blast.

The icing was a bit tricky because it was all about learning how to get it to the right texture. If it's too runny it will run off the cookie and if it's too thick it won't be smooth. I think that getting the icing right and outlining the cookies were probably the trickiest parts, other than that, it was just fun. This is the video that inspired our first cookies:


And these are videos from the lady that I learned how to make the icing and parchment cones from. I watched several of her videos : )

Royal icing:


How To Make Parchment Paper Cones:
This is life changing for me because I HATE messing with bags and cleaning them. I loved learning how to make these and piping from them went really well.


I used this recipe exactly for the cookies. It says 36 cookies, but that is for about 2.5" cookie cutters, so if you're using bigger cookie cutters, double the recipe : )

Cookie Recipe:

I used this recipe for icing and we really liked it:
Royal icing:
  • 2 lbs powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 5 large egg white equivalents (I used meringue powder bc of immune issues and bc I heard it made the icing more stable)
  • Flavoring (I used 1 tsp vanilla and 1/2 a capful of almond flavoring)
  • food coloring gel (for the cookies above, I just used pink- one with none, one with some pink, and one with double pink)
  • water (there isn't a specific measurement for this--just add small amounts until you get it to flooding consistency- see videos above for more info) 
**Heads up: this icing crusts over quickly, so if you have a bowl of icing, keep it covered at all times. I used press and seal and put it flush with the icing. You also have to work pretty quickly when decorating cookies. They will also look dry when they aren't, so leave them out and don't touch the icing until the next day (and tell your kiddos so they don't poke fingers in your cookies : )

Here are some pictures of my girls and their creations:

I hope these help you! Have fun creating and send me pictures!